Countdown to the Vote

From MSCI Advocacy News: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently asked the 2 presidential campaigns to explain their manufacturing agenda: Obama Campaign President Obama has released a framework for tax reform that would make 3 key changes: 1-effectively cut the top corporate tax rate on manufacturing income to 25% and to an even lower rate for income from [...]

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The First Debate

The first Presidential Debate has come and gone. Predictions were for a viewing audience of 45 to 55 million American voters. I hope they were mostly Democratic and I also hope they were paying attention, it was an eye opening 90 minutes. The President had no worthwhile answers to any questions pertaining to the needs [...]

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The View Goes Weekly

Non-farm payroll numbers for August released on 9/7/2012 increased a thin 96,000. The unemployment rate dipped but only because several hundred thousand unemployed have totally given up on finding a job. They have left the workforce. Good job getting things going Washington…. The jobs outlook in the manufacturing sector dimmed as payrolls decreased by 15,000 in [...]

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