Economy Shows Growth

Led by declines in production related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index  or CFNAI decreased to +0.02 in December from +0.27 in November. The index’s 3 month moving average, CFNAI-MA3 edged up from -0.13 in November to -0.11 in December, its tenth consecutive reading below zero which suggests that growth in national economic activity [...]

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Modest Optimism

Can you believe the gutless wonders we have as legislators? None of us opposes helping the people whose lives have been forever altered by Hurricane Sandy. We are Americans. That is what we do for our fellowmen (and women and children, lest I be politically incorrect) in times of need. What I do not like [...]

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Proof in the Pudding

A few headlines from the Metals Service Center Institute North American Manufacturing Advocacy News 01/07/2013: “Last week we noted that the fiscal cliff deal reached by the U.S. Congress late on New Year’s Day would not do anything to address the country’s long-term budget problems or the complexity of the federal tax code. As analysis [...]

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After the Cliff

Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous New Year! The "Cliff" ... have we fallen or have we risen? I'm looking up but do not see much daylight. I know my payroll taxes have risen by 2% this week. That is fine. The previous rate was 6.2% and was lowered by 30% to 4.2% during the [...]

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