Chicago Business Barometer Increased Sharply in October

The Chicago Business Barometer Increased to Highest Level Since January Led by strong gains in both Production and New Orders the Chicago Business Barometer increased 7.5 points to 56.2 in October from 48.7 in September. The sharp increase in the Barometer pushed it to its highest level since January and marks a promising start to [...]

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Manufacturing Sector’s Woes Deepening

The manufacturing sector’s woes are deepening amid an economic slowdown in China and other emerging markets Manufacturing output-the biggest component of the index, measuring the production of everything from paper clips to bulldozers-declined 0.1% in September and 0.4% the prior month. The figures suggest that the manufacturing sector’s woes are deepening amid an economic slowdown [...]

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Accord Reached

Trans-Pacific Partnership Accord Opens Agricultural Markets in Japan and Canada The US, Japan and 10 other countries around the Pacific reached a historic accord Monday to lower trade barriers to goods and services and sets commercial rules of the road for two-fifths of the global economy. For the US, the Trans-Pacific Partnership accord opens agricultural [...]

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