The House and Senate this week announced a budget deal that would avert a government shutdown and bring a rare dose of stability to Congress’s fiscal policy making over the next two years.

WSJ 12/10/13

It is a step in the right direction and hopefully the beginning of getting a handle on the spending problem the government has nurtured for years ……On both sides of the aisle.

Not much other news I am aware of this week.

Obamacare is the topic of the day

360,000 have signed up. Nearly 6 million Americans have lost their chosen coverage. Let it roll.

I heard on Thursday Kim Jung Un (North Korean dictator and nut case) had his uncle murdered. Nice guy. Going for another visit Dennis?

From the Economics and Statistics administration
  • October Business Inventories were up 0.7 percent in November from September and up 3.6 percent from October.
  • Sales in October were up 0.5 percent in October from the previous month and up 3.9 percent from a year earlier.
  • New orders for machine tools and related technologies rose 10.2 percent from September to October, the third monthly increase in the US Manufacturing Technology Orders Report. Industry Week

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