Twelve Federal Reserve Districts Indicated the Economy Continued to Expand Through Year’s End

The FRB Beige Book Summary. Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve districts indicated the economy continued to expand at a modest pace across most regions from late November through the end of the year.

Manufacturers in most districts reported increased sales with several citing a turnaround versus earlier in 2016.

Growth in the energy industry was mixed; two districts reported weakness in coal production but others reported improvements in coal, oil, or gas activity.

Most districts said that non-auto retail sales had expanded but several noted that sales over the holiday season were disappointing and reports in more than one district suggested growth in e-commerce had come at the expense of brick and mortar retailers.

All districts reported varying degrees of growth in employment and a majority described their labor markets as tight.

Financial conditions were stable. Firms across the country and industries were said to be optimistic about growth in 2017.

Raw Steel Production Rose

Raw steel production rose 1.9 percent last week as mills operated at an ACUR of 72.3 percent. In the corresponding week last year mills operated at an ACUR of 68.7 percent. Thus far this year mills have produced prox 3,400,000 tons compared to prox 3,200,000 tons produced in the like period last year.

Clinton Global Initiative to Close

Well, well, well; the Clinton Global Initiative is closing its doors on April 15, 2017. For some strange reason, once Hillary lost the election all those foreign countries that were contributors or were considering a contribution ALL pulled out. There was no “play for pay” here. How sad that they will get away with this. There is no mention of an investigation and no one is reporting the story. Crooked Hillary…and Bill.

Manning Pardoned

That thing, Chelsea Manning, formerly a “man,” formerly in the US military, leaked some 750,000 documents to WikiLeaks endangering American lives and the lives of operatives in the middle east. American taxpayers had to pay for his sex change operation so he could be a prison pretty boy while serving his 35 year sentence. Obama commuted his sentence. Maybe he will join the radical terrorists Obama keeps releasing from Gitmo on the battlefield, trying once again to kill Americans. I am so relieved Obama is gone on the 20th… like taking a good crap.

The 45th President

The Trump administration’s aggressive trade policies abroad and proposed border tax at home will provide a lift to US steel and aluminum producers, according to industry associations and some analysts.”

American Metal Market 1/20/17

On Friday Donald John Trump takes the oath of office as he is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. A great weight has been lifted from all of us.

It is quite obvious that the progressive agenda of Barrack Obama has failed. Yes, we have had some 70 plus months of job growth but the reality is they were not, for the most part, solid jobs offering a future for families and individuals. Obamacare forced many employers to cut hours to 30 to meet mandates of the program. Not good.

Steps will finally be taken to secure our borders, this will create jobs. Tax reductions on individuals and businesses are coming as are reforms of many oppressive regulations; this will create jobs and put more money in the hands of our citizens and our businesses. Infrastructure investments will create jobs; investments in strengthening our military will not only protect us, but will create many solid jobs. Tackling unfair trade practices will create jobs. All of his domestic policies will begin to lift those in poverty out of it by providing good paying jobs.

We have a unique opportunity to really set our country back on the right track, to begin the repair of the terrible conditions in our inner cities, to lift all boats. This is a wonderful day for America and for the world. May God bless the incoming administration, keep our president safe and grant him the wisdom and the tools needed to accomplish what needs to be done for the good of all Americans and all the freedom loving peoples of the world.

Inauguration Protests

As of 2:30 pm 90 people have been arrested in Washington. The protesters are breaking windows, starting fires, throwing rocks, and whatever at the police. Why does there need to be violence? What good purpose can it possibly serve?

The president, in his speech, said “we all bleed red patriotic blood…” What is it the progressives do not understand about President Trump wanting to help ALL Americans? Or is it that they simply refuse to accept the fact that someone is finally going to do what is right, not only for America but for her citizenry. Are they afraid they will lose their entitlements? That they might actually have to get a job?

I love this president and the direction he wants to take for the United States. I am nearly 66 years old and have never felt like I feel today after a presidential election. My country has been saved, my children’s and grandchildren’s futures have been saved and if we are fortunate, the future for coming generations of Americans has been saved. God bless this man, keep him safe from harm and grant him the tools and the right people he needs to be successful in this huge endeavor. He needs (as long as he stays on the right path, and I believe he is dedicated to that) the support of all Americans.


Have a great weekend…. God bless America!

Buy American made products whenever you can, it’s good for you, good for your friends and neighbors and good for our country.

If you are hiring…try to hire a veteran…. they are loyal, disciplined, hardworking…and they deserve our support.

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