Oil Prices Dropped to Their Lowest Levels in 7 Years

Oil prices dropped to their lowest levels in 7 years on expectations that producers will continue pumping crude in an already oversupplied market.. WSJ

Federal Deficit

The federal government incurred a deficit of $64.6 billion in November, bringing the total deficit through the first two months of the fiscal year to $201.1 billion. That is $201,100 millions (that’s a lot of money). Try to run your business like that.

Not much economic news this week which I considered useful to our purposes so I am going to end it here this week.

Remember the fallen…Monday December 7, 1941

It has been 74 years since the Japanese brutally attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor…they awakened a sleeping giant and paid heavily for this unwarranted attack.

Say a prayer for peace”

…but prepare for war, for I believe we ARE in a war, right now, with radical Islamists who are bent on killing all of us, the so called ” infidels”.

All law abiding Americans should arm themselves, learn how to use your weapon to protect your family, yourself and your country. Stay alert, be prepared. I am not paranoid but I do believe that if we don’t heed the lessons of the past-we are doomed to repeat them. There are currently 900 plus FBI investigations of suspected radicals going on in the US right now. This is a threat not to be taken lightly. Could be right down the street from me and you…and our families.

Have a great weekend. Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.

Thank a serviceman or woman for their service, for they put their lives on the line every day to protect us, our freedom and our country.

Thank a veteran.

Hire a veteran.

Buy American made products whenever possible.

Respect our law enforcement officers for they put their lives on the line everyday for our safety.

God bless America