Strongest Year of Job Creation in 15 Years

Recording its strongest year of job creation in 15 years, US payrolls grew by 321,000 in November as the jobless rate remained unchanged at 5.8 percent. The job gains continued a stretch of robust payroll gains to keep the economy on track. That would be very good news if the jobs were created were actually solid, well paying jobs of 40 hours per week. The report does not say how many of those hired were for temporary, part time or less than 30 hour work week jobs. I suspect more than they care to report.

Good News for Drivers

On Thursday oil prices dropped below $60 a barrel as investors and traders braced for a global supply glut expected to worsen through next year. I suspect the American driving population welcomes the drop as it gives individuals a raise and lowers the cost of transportation for business which should lower the cost of goods and services….let’s see it at the pump and in the stores.

Here we go again

….an American hostage, Luke Somers, age 33, and a non-American hostage were murdered by al Qaeda in Yemen when the terrorists apparently saw the American Navy Seals approaching to attempt a rescue.

Pearl Harbor Day

73 years ago on December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Take a moment to offer a prayer of restful peace for those brave Americans who lost their lives on that day.

Leaving no one on the sidelines. Showing respect for ones enemies and trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view…”

~ Hillary Clinton

You have got to be kidding me. Respect our enemies? Empathize with their point of view? I piss on them. This charlatan wants to be president of our country?? You have got to be kidding me. God forbid this would ever be the policy in America. Should we have empathized with the Japanese 72 years ago? Shown respect for them or any other enemy of the United States…past, present or future? I think not. General George S. Patton said it best:

wade into them, spill THEIR guts, let THEM die for their country….”

A friend of mine from Vancouver just sent me this: “liberalism is a mental disorder, not a philosophy.” The garbage Hillary is spewing sure seems like she has a mental disorder, it is certainly not a philosophy to be adhered to by real Americans. Empathize with ISIS? al Qaeda? Boko Haram? Iran?

Last Friday’s “Outer Space” Launch

NASA successfully launched an initial, unmanned version of a capsule on a test flight intended to demonstrate its suitability for human exploration of the solar system in coming decades. Slated to make two orbits around the earth during its nearly five hour trip, Orion is supposed to reach a maximum altitude of 3,600 miles, nearly 15 times higher than the trajectory of the international space station.”

Wall Street Journal

That’s pretty cool. I remember when I was in elementary school, John Glenn orbited the earth in the Mercury space capsule. Space exploration was exciting to me then and is now. First it was dogs and monkeys…. We’ve come a long way baby.

219 Year Old Time Capsule Unearthed

A time capsule was discovered this week hidden in the cornerstone of a building. Buried by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams in 1795. It will be x-rayed to determine its contents. How great is that!!??

Political Headlines

Last Saturday, Senator Mary Landrieu lost her bid for a fourth term to Republican Bill Cassidy in Louisiana. The outcome means that Republicans emerge from this year’s mid-term elections with nine additional Senate seats and will hold a 54-46 majority when lawmakers are sworn in next year.

The Democratic Party spent $40 million to investigate the methods used to gather intelligence from our enemies and came to the conclusion that we used inhumane methods. Naturally, this was a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. When you are at war, and we are, you make use of the measures you have available to gather information which will save American lives. I care as much about the rights of our enemies’ lives as they do for American lives…..and that ain’t much. In a rare, televised news conference, Director of the CIA, John Brennan, defended the agency’s reputation and criticized the 500 page report as fundamentally flawed in its conclusions. I agree.


Have a great weekend, hug your kids and grandkids, enjoy the holiday season.
God bless America