Another week with no economic news of note. So, what is going on and what is my view of those things?


Maliki resigns as prime minister. This is a good thing as the newly forming government should be more inclusive of all Iraqis. In the meantime, we have supplied food and water to those being held captive, the Yazidis, on Mt. Sinjar. When any human catastrophe occurs on the planet, to whom do they rely on for help? The good old United States of America.

Meanwhile, ISIS has taken control of the Mosul Dam, the country’s largest and most important source of hydroelectric power and overran several more cities in northern Iraq.


Their nuclear ambitions have been off the front page but I guarantee they are pursuing nuclear weapons and this is NOT good for the world as a whole. The president is on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, soaking up the sun and the salt sea air. He did have time to interject his comments into the local issue in Ferguson, MO.


Another cease fire beginning today, five days. There will be no peace in Israel/Gaza until the Palestinians agree to recognize the state of Israel as being allowed to exist and to live without fear of rockets being lobbed at them. It’s simple: one side wants to live in peace, the other wants the former wiped off the map.


Boko Haram, Islamist terrorists, continue to murder people in Nigeria. We heard a blurb that groups of women had been spotted which may have been the kidnapped girls but that has disappeared from the news. These are extreme radicals and, as the vermin they are, should be wiped out. Since they are lost somewhere in the middle of Nigeria, they pose no imminent threat to the United States but can they be allowed to murder, kidnap, rape and otherwise terrorize the inhabitants of Nigeria with no consequence? I’m not saying it is incumbent on us to do it. It is not. The continent of Africa is quite large. They should be able to handle the problem themselves.


I have no words. I just know there is fighting going on there.


Assad has murdered some 180,000 of his own people. ISIS has moved from the rubble in Syria to become the leading terrorist organization in the world.


I’m not sure anyone really knows what’s going on over there at this time. I believe Putin made a stop there this week. I just know that unwanted occupation is an act of war.


Threatening to take control of Japanese controlled islands


That little mutt continues to test rockets

United States

Here at home, in Ferguson Missouri a young man (16 years old) was shot dead in Ferguson, MO outside of St Louis by a police officer. Initial reports are that the youth attempted to grab the officer’s gun while in the patrol vehicle. Witnesses tell a story of malicious gunfire (10 or more shots being fired) at the young man. There have been riots, vandalism and looting all week. We will not know the true story for some time but my view is this: rioting and looting are not the answer.

Seek the truth then seek justice. Looting and rioting is common to thieves and other individuals with no moral compass, no common sense. It is not the way problems are solved in the United States. Seems like some people just pray for an excuse to run rampant and do no good….based on nothing.

On Friday afternoon it is being reported the deceased was involved in a strong arm robbery some time before he was stopped by police. We shall see.


Fast & Furious-providing weapons to criminals leading to a loss of American life. No one held accountable. The president was unaware.
The loss of 4 American lives at our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. No one held accountable. The president was unaware.
The IRS targeting conservative political groups for tax-exempt status. No one held accountable. The president was unaware.
The National Security Administration eavesdropping on the phone calls of American citizens. No one held accountable. The president was unaware.
The software program created for the Affordable Healthcare Act, at a cost of $1 billion (thus far) and 3 ½ years to “perfect”, has been unusable to the American people. No one held accountable. The president was unaware.
Spying on our Allies, specifically Angela Merkel of Germany. No one held accountable. The president was unaware. (Although these things go on knowingly between countries all the time, the fact that our president denies knowledge of this is just another sign of his incompetence as the leader of the most powerful country on the planet).
“If you like your current insurance plan you can keep it. Period” Barack Obama
“If you like your doctor, you can keep him. Period” Barack Obama

Have a great weekend and….

Hug your children and grandchildren, tell them you love them.
Buy American made products whenever you can.
Hire a Veteran: they are patriots, honest, hard working, disciplined, loyal…. and …. They need and deserve our support.

God Bless America