Dow Crashed the 21,000 Level

The Dow Crashed the 21,000 Level Wednesday The Dow crashed the 21,000 level after soaring 197 points on Wednesday. Tell me again about the humming economy created by Obama, the super healthcare law created by Obama, the strategy of leading from behind, excessive regulations, higher taxes, doubling the national debt-on nothing. NO…this was wrong for America, [...]

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Domestic steelmakers under import “assault”

WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS … least we did not in the past. Putting little signs on Face book or Twitter saying “return our girls” is simply ineffective and childish. Who or what kind of people do you think we are dealing with? These are radical Islamists, enemies of freedom and enemies of the [...]

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A Nice Christmas Present

Industrial production soared in November 1.1 percent higher. Manufacturing output rose 0.6 percent in November, 2.9 percent year over year. October output was revised 0.2 percentage point. According to Dr. Kenneth Mayland, economist for the Precision Machined Products Association, This is the best two month gain in industrial output since early 2012 (for manufacturing, it's [...]

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Giving Thanks

There is not much news I am going to report for this short work week. The stock market continues to reach new highs and generally speaking that is good news. I am not a fan of allowing Iran to continue to enrich uranium. All of their centrifuges remain in existence. In my view it is [...]

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The PMPA Rocks!

Just a happy birthday to my oldest sister Ferne, lost her two years ago. She taught me to appreciate art, nature, style, rock n’ roll music and life…. Love you kid. I had a great time ... at the Precision Machined Products Association annual meeting this week and late last in San Diego. Our get [...]

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