The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas released its Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey and reports factory activity increased again in October.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) October 2016 ISM Report on Business

Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in October and the overall economy grew for the 89th consecutive month, say the nation’s supply executives.

The October PMI registered 51.9 percent, an increase of 0.4 percentage point from the September reading of 51.5 percent. The New Orders index decreased from the September reading while the Production Index rose from the September reading…comments from the panel are largely positive, citing a favorable economy and steady sales, with some exceptions.”

Bradley J. Holcomb, CPSM, CPSD
Chair of the Institute for Supply Management Manufacturing Business Survey Committee

The US Department of Commerce Advance Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders September 2016

  • New orders for manufactured durable goods in September decreased 0.1 percent.
  • Shipments of manufactured durable goods in September, up three of the last four months, increased 0.8 percent.
  • Inventories of manufactured durable goods in September, up three consecutive months, increased 0.1 percent.

Chicago Business Barometer Fell

The MNI Chicago Business Barometer fell to a five month low in October, suggesting economic activity in the US lost some momentum having picked up in Q3. The slowdown was led by a decline in production giving up most of its September gains.

Election Crunch Time

Well, it is finally crunch time for this election cycle and I must say I will be glad when it is over.

Last week on Friday, the FBI announced it was re-opening its investigation into Hillary’s private server and email scandal. It has also come to light, through the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta emails AND the furor currently going on within the FBI that the Clinton Foundation has been under Federal investigation for a year or so. They are seeking evidence of pay-to-play and it sounds like there is quite a bit of it to investigate and sources in the FBI say an indictment will be forthcoming.

Between the emails, the emails destroyed by Hillary, the immunities granted by the DOJ and FBI, the verbal indictment of Hillary (without indicting) by FBI director Comey in July, his ties to the Clintons, attorney general Loretta Lynch’s ties to the Clintons, her private meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac and all the other bullshit surrounding the Clinton family the choice to make on Tuesday should be simple one for ALL Americans.

We have allowed these crooks to scam the United States for 30 some years, hopefully that is coming to an end. This whole situation stinks of corruption at the highest levels of our government. I understand that some people are offended by Donald Trump. Personally, I believe that is the result of an extreme media bias against conservative values and principles.

The FACT is the United States is in dire need of a Donald Trump and people should consider voting for him based on what he wants to do to change the direction of the country, not whether or not they like his personality. Why? Because ALL of the politicians entrenched in their elite positions of power have done nothing but enrich themselves for decades.

IT HAS TO END NOW. Our inner cities are no better off; in fact they are worse off. The race issue has boiled over under Obama, not gotten better as was our hope. Our manufacturing base has been destroyed, industries have been destroyed, the health care system is a disaster that was shoved down our throats, the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws is a joke, our position on the world stage has been destroyed and consequently the entire free world is in danger, for who will fight to preserve and protect freedom if not the United States of America?

The choice is yours America


Have a great weekend…. God bless America!

Buy American made products whenever you can, it’s good for you, good for your friends and neighbors and good for our country.

If you are hiring…try to hire a veteran…. they are loyal, disciplined, hardworking…and they deserve our support.

Remember these tidbits as the election cycle grinds on:

  • Fast & Furious-Americans killed by guns supplied to the drug cartels…by the Department of Justice-Eric Holder presiding. The president was clueless. No one held accountable
  • Benghazi: Four Americans killed in an assault described as the result of a viral video. This was proved to be a false narrative. This was in fact, a planned act of terror. The president was clueless. No one even knows where he was as this went down. No one held accountable
  • “At this point, what difference does it make?” Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State
  • The IRS targeting of conservative groups and individuals. No one held accountable, Lois Lerner is on paid vacation and has refused to testify. The president was clueless. No one held accountable
  • Hillary using a private server for correspondence during her term as Secretary of State against the orders of the president. She thought “it would be more convenient…” Though the records were due when she left office, they were not submitted, subpoenas were issued, which she ignored for two years. Finally, she released 30,000 of some 60,000 alleged emails then she deleted the rest of the emails and will NOT turn over the server for investigation.