Summit Steel offers SBQ steels in a variety of finishes which include:

Hot Rolled: Standard steel finish coming off the hot mill is clean and blue with some minor scale from the hot rolling process. This material requires additional stock removal to remove possible surface defects created in the rolling process.

Rough Turned: Rough turning is typically used to remove stock from an oversize bar by turning to a diameter approximating hot rolled size, thus leaving stock for finish machining.

Cold Drawn: Material is typically purchased in the hot rolled condition an additional 1/16 inch of diameter is typically required to draw. i.e. 1.062” diameter will draw down to 1.000”. The size tolerance of a cold drawn bar is much tighter than a hot rolled bar thus minimizing required stock removal. Additionally, a cold drawn finish can often be used in parts without further machining to the surface.

Turned and Polished/Cold Finished: Cold Finished or Turned and Polished bar is produced to the same size tolerances as cold drawn bar but it is produced by turning and polishing an oversize bar, either hot rolled or cold drawn/cold finished. The typical surface physical properties of a cold finished bar are not the same as a cold drawn bar. Cold drawing imparts increased physical properties on the surface of the bar as a result of being drawn through a die.

Ground and Polished: Ground and Polished bar is centerless ground to tight size tolerance and then polished to a bright finish.

Turned Ground and Polished: Turned Ground and Polished or TGP, is material held to strict size tolerances measured in thousandths of an inch. The surface is so fine that material is typically stored in cardboard tubes or bundled with spacers or wrapped in paper. Material is first turned to a grinding diameter then it is ground to size and finally polished to a high luster.