Thermal Treatments Stabilize Steel for Machining

Standard hot rolled bar as it comes off the mill has typical physical properties which are inconsistent throughout the bar. In certain applications these irregularities are no cause for concern and create no breach in quality. In other applications the ability to machine intricate parts is markedly improved by creating machining surfaces which are consistent. This increases productivity in the machining process and of course, tool life. Annealing is the process of creating such a consistent surface for machining. We offer Lamellar Pearlite and Spheroidzed Annealing processes.

Heat Treating steel includes quenching, tempering, stress relieving, normalizing. All of these processes stabilize and make consistent some necessary quality desired in the steel being used. Examples would be increasing the hardness of the steel to meet products specifications or stress relieving to eliminate the stresses caused by working the steel. In certain applications if the inherent stresses are not relieved your machined parts will suffer in tolerance.

  • Anneal – L.P & Spheroidize
  • Anneal – Stress Relieving
  • Quench & Temper
  • Normalize