Consumer Sentiment Remains Elevated

Consumer Sentiment Remains Elevated At 98.4, consumer sentiment remains elevated. Confidence has been resilient in the face of trade uncertainty and could be a concern going forward. Personal finances were a bright spot in this month's report. Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey Reports Factory Activity Continued to Expand in July The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas [...]

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Expectations Index Increased in March

Expectations Index Increased in March Based on consumers' short-term outlook for income, business and labor market conditions, the Expectations Index increased to 103.0 from 98.3 in March. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index improved in April after decreasing in March. Consumer Confidence partially rebounded in April but remains below levels seen last fall. US Added [...]

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Consumer Confidence Hit Highest Level Since 2000

Consumer Confidence Hit Highest Level Since 2000 Consumer Confidence hit highest level since 2000. Only in eleven individual months since 1967 have we seen confidence higher than it is today. Nine of those months were in the year 2000. The other two were in 1999. This is the thin air of high peaks... The euphoria [...]

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Consumer Spending Bounce Back in March

Consumer Spending Bounced Back In March After declining in both January and February, consumer spending bounced back solidly in March, rising 0.4 percent. Personal income rose slightly less, climbing 0.3 percent, causing the saving ratio to slip back to 3.1 percent. Wells Fargo Excerpts from a Wall Street Journal editorial (Business Carries the Economy) in [...]

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Texas Production Index Hits 11 Year High

Texas Production Index Hits 11 Year High The Texas Production index hits 11 year high in December, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Texas Manufacturing Survey for December 2017. It reports factory activity expanded strongly in December, according to executives responding to the survey. The Production index spiked to its highest level in [...]

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Midwest Economy Index Increased in April

The Midwest Economy Index Increased to Highest Value Since June 2014 The Midwest Economy Index  increased in April to +0.70 from +0.61 in March, reaching its highest value since June 2014. What do the index numbers mean? A zero value for the MEI has been associated with the Midwest economy expanding at its historical trend [...]

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