Manufacturing Sector Expanded in April and Overall Economy Grew

We begin this week’s economic news with the release of the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) Report on Business for the Month of April 2017: Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in April and the overall economy grew for the 95th consecutive month, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest report.

The April PMI registered 54.8 percent, a decrease of 2.4 percentage points from the March reading of 57.2 percent. The New Orders Index retreated, The Production index rose 1 percentage point from March, the Employment Index declined, inventories of raw materials increased 2 percentage points and the Prices Index decreased 2 percentage points. Comments from the panel generally reflect stable to growing business conditions.”

Bradley J. Holcomb, CPSM, CPSD, Chair of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Business Survey Committee

US Raw Steel Production Climbed 2.0 Percent

US raw steel production climbed 2.0 percent last week as mills operated at an ACUR of 75.1 percent. In the corresponding week last year mills operated at an ACUR of 72.6 percent. Thus far this year mills have produced prox 29,500,000 tons compared to the prox 28,500,000 tons produced in the like period last year.

Hiring Picked up in April

The pace of hiring picked up again in April and the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in nearly a decade, providing reassurance the broader economy is poised for a strong spring after a lackluster start to the year. Nonfarm payrolls rose by a seasonally adjusted 211,000 in April. The unemployment rate edged down to 4.4% from 4.5%. Economists had expected 188,000 new jobs in April and expected the unemployment rate to tick up to 4.6%. WSJ


On Thursday the House of Representatives voted for the AHCA. The bill now goes to the Senate, where they will add to, subtract from or kill the bill… after which it will go back to the House then finally to the President for his signature. I will re-iterate: just get it right. The government managed to screw up the healthcare system, it is incumbent on them to fix it.

Politics should not be a part of this debate because, as you can plainly see, politics has poisoned the waters of bipartisan negotiation. Not ONE democrat voted for the bill. This is exactly what I am talking about. They rant about Republicans having had seven years to craft a replacement (they actually did, but it needed work, hence it was killed) while they continue to support Obamacare despite the harm it is causing to Americans…and they had the same seven years to fix what is wrong with the ACA and have done nothing.

In another show of immaturity, the democrats had the temerity to sing some dumb song in the House chamber after the bill passed. Where did they think they were, in a junior high school auditorium?


Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. Chuck Schumer is an idiot. Bernie Sanders is an idiot. They are ALL self-serving idiots who care nothing about the USA or we American citizens. What DO they care about? Retaining power and keeping their cushy jobs.

RESIST? Resist what? Lower taxes? less regulation? strong military? secure borders? School choice? What is it? What are you resisting so vehemently, so violently?

Idiots…idiots with no inkling of common sense. No idea of what they have been hired to do. Either that or they just choose to ignore those responsibilities once elected to the club. 2018 is a mid-term election year.

Plan to vote, I urge you to vote Republican as the Democrats are hell bent on destroying the country we grew up in. I do not want socialism for my children and grandchildren. It does not work, it creates laziness, a lack of drive and focus, it will suck any feeling of accomplishment right out of you

Infrastructure X (Keystone & Dakota pipelines) Regulation Reform XX 1 in 2 out
Individual Tax Reform proposed Entitlement Reform
Business Tax Reform proposed Education Reform X
Healthcare Reform X rollback complete Veterans Administration Reform X
Rebuild our Military X Trade Reform X
Secure our Borders (The Wall) XX Lead the world from the front XX
Help for the poor Drain the swamp X as we speak
Peace through unmatchable strength Support Israel X
Destroy ISIS X Extreme Vetting XX
Conservative Supreme Court nominees XX American Jobs XX

I will track these campaign promises and will check them off as each is accomplished adding those I have missed as they become apparent. This is quite an agenda and will be difficult to achieve all in one term but I believe the American people are behind him and know these things need to be done. Now, if he can get our legislators to support him instead of fighting him….


Have a great weekend…. God bless America!

Buy American made products whenever you can, it’s good for you, good for your friends and neighbors and good for our country.

If you are hiring…try to hire a veteran…. they are loyal, disciplined, hardworking…and they deserve our support.

By the way, if you wish to comment on my rants or offer any other insights you may have, you are encouraged to email me.