Since some of the government remains shutdown (at the time this is being written) and economic news issued by them continues to be unavailable, it is likely the View will be short this week. On Thursday I will be travelling to San Diego for the Precision Machined Products Association annual meeting. Summit Steel is proud to be counted as a Technical Member of the association.

The White House continues

… to be adamantly against the House bill(s) seeking a 1 year delay of the “employee mandate” despite the horrendous lack of order which has accompanied the rollout of this monstrous entitlement program. This is just shameful, as is their refusal to eliminate the “medical devices” tax. Through all of this bickering back and forth, the administration has refused to offer ANY negotiation other than “give us what we want, then we will negotiate” (really? How does that work??).

Meanwhile the House has passed many bills trying to avoid the pending problems( repeal of the medical devices tax, making federal employees subject to the ACA, delay of the employee mandate etc), all of which have never made it to a vote in the senate and which the president said he would veto anyway. Mr. Obama has an ego as wide as the country. The ACA, his flagship legislation, is a damned atrocity and a huge burden being needlessly placed on the American people, most especially; those who can LEAST afford it. Have you ever heard of “charity care”? Also known as uncompensated care. This is the rebate from Uncle Sam provided to hospitals who give care for free or at reduced prices to those individuals who have no health insurance. Current numbers show the percentage of doctors providing charity care dropped from 76% in 1996-97 to 68% in 2004-2005.What in the hell do we need Obamacare for? We, the taxpayers, have been covering the uninsured. Hospitals and hospital networks have policies regarding charity care. You can Google the term. Most of the cost of uncompensated care (2004) was funded by a patchwork of government programs. Over half of all government reimbursement for charity care comes from the federal government; most of that provided through Medicare and Medicaid.

What gives with the “politically correct” left wanting to change the name of the Washington Redskins?

Or my beloved Cleveland Indians, the Tribe? The names are taken by sports teams to HONOR the fighting spirit, winning spirit and the competitive spirit of the American Indian, never meant to be, nor considered, inflammatory or in a negative context . These morons (Bob Costas ring a bell? Pontificating during a professional football game this past weekend) call the use of such names as “the Redskins”,” the Tribe”, “the Indians”, “the Warriors”, “the Blackhawks”, “the Braves” etc. a “racial slur.” Are you kidding me? Is then the use of “the Vikings” a slur against Scandinavians? “The Cardinals” against birds? “the Buccaneers” against pirates? “The Texans” against Texas? “The Browns” a slur on African Americans? Oh my goodness, what about “the White Sox….?” How did they ever get away with that? PLEASE get your heads out of your collective rectums….

The real tragedy for the United States

… is how we have mistreated the American Indian since declaring manifest destiny some 200 years ago, stealing their land and placing them on reservations. You want to effect positive change? Do something about that. Idiots, just idiots with nothing better to do. What do you think??

The October 2013 Empire State Manufacturing Survey

Released this week, it indicates that business conditions held steady for New York manufacturers. Both orders and shipments increased modestly over the month.

Well, that’s my view. It’s Wednesday morning, I leave tomorrow early. As of now there has been no resolution to the shutdown of the federal government. Last I heard, the most recent proposal from the House included a delay of the employee mandate, requiring government employees to participate in the ACA, delay of the medical devices tax and possibly some other points. I also heard Harry Reid threw the proposal on the floor. Fool.

Hope you have a great weekend,
Hug your kids and grandkids; tell them you love them,
Buy American made products whenever you can
And… God Bless America