Well, we all survived the weekend without the massive layoffs and cuts in service which had been threatened by the president, the media and the rest of his cohorts. In fact, front page of the Wall Street Journal on Monday 3/4/13  had an article titled “Rhetoric Cools on Near-Term Pain of Cuts”. The article goes on to say “after warning that across the board spending cuts would have catastrophic effects, White House officials are trying to play down fears that people will suffer hardships right away, instead preparing them for a fight that won’t be quickly resolved.”

In an unsuccessful effort….the Obama administration spent weeks warning that the $85 billion in cuts, known as the sequester, would produce profound disruption, including teacher layoffs, flight delays, more porous borders and heightened exposure to terrorist attacks. The administration at times has issued warnings about the spending cuts that turned out to be overblown. In a news conference last week, President Obama spoke of janitors and other workers on Capitol Hill getting a “pay cut” because of the sequester. But a Capitol supervisor later told employees their pay and benefits would not be reduced by the cuts.


Misleading the American people for political gain….. Is that legal in the United States for an elected official? Where are we? Venezuela? (by the way, thank God the tyrant Chavez is dead) The administration does not appear to care about the country or its citizens; the president seems focused solely on destroying the Republican Party. They like the power and are willing to do whatever they must to hold on to it. Overspending, over regulating, over taxing…..it has become overly burdensome…. and yet, we have 4 more years of it…unless the next two years of Obamanomics allows conservatives to re-take the Senate (while maintaining control of the House) at the mid-term elections. Problem is, the Democrats believe the voters will blame the Republicans for this fiasco…..the White House this week cancelled school tours of this great symbol of America. What a joke! With a debt of $17 trillion and an annual “budget” of $3 or $ 4 trillion, this is the waste they found to cut in discretionary spending? Totally absurd folks, don’t you think?

Regarding the ISM (Institute of Supply Management) Purchasing Managers Index numbers previously reported, Dr. Ken Mayland, economist, writing for the Precision Machined Products Association: In review, the number “increased 1.1 points for a February reading of 54.2. According to the ISM, a reading above 50 indicates expansion of the manufacturing sector. Furthermore, based on the ISM estimates, if the current reading of 54.2 was sustained, it would tend to be consistent with 3.7% real GDP growth (annualized)”.

The factory sector wants to grow. Orders were up 4.5 points, production was better, up 4.0 points, and the order backlog was better, up 7.5 points. The US economy may be the best performing of the major economies of the world. The greatest stumbling block to an upside breakout: government”. Amen

Have a blessed weekend,

God Bless America