US Ferrous Scrap Markets are in a Fall with No Area Spared

US ferrous scrap markets are in a fall with no area spared from the cost-cutting wave sweeping across the country. In Chicago, mills are actively buying shredded scrap at prices that are down $25 per gross ton from last month with cut scrap grades and mill steel turnings down$20 per ton. No. 1 busheling is the hardest material to place with purchases ranging from $220 to $235 per ton…Mills have no orders and won’t for the next 90 days, so they are pushing the market down…mills don’t need the scrap and will keep lowering prices.”

American Metal Market (AMM)

The Midwest Economy Index (MEI) Decreased in July

The Midwest Economy Index (MEI) decreased to -0.14 in July from -0.04 in June. The relative MEI moved down to +0.03 in July from +0.38 in June. July’s value for the relative MEI indicates that Midwest economic growth was quite close to what would typically be suggested by the growth rate of the national economy.

US Farm Incomes Will Hit Their Lowest Point This Year Since 2009

US farm incomes will hit their lowest point this year since 2009, the US Department of Agriculture said Tuesday, deepening pain in the Farm Belt amid a multi-year downdraft in commodity prices. The forecast reflects a painful slump in the US agricultural economy driven by bumper corn and soybean harvests, swelling grain inventories and tougher export competition….As a result, the USDA said, net farm income will drop 11.5% to $71.5 billion this year from $80.7 billion in 2015. That would be the third straight annual pay cut for farmers since incomes soared to record levels in 2013…he agency also said government payments to farmers would increase nearly 25% this year to $13.5 billion, due in large part to insurance-like programs that pay growers when process or revenues fall steeply.”


Colin Kaepernick: DO Something

To Colin Kaepernick: You are a punk. If you want to do something to help, then be a soldier of help and do something positive. To this point in your life you have done ZERO to help those you consider oppressed…ZERO. You are well known and therefore you DO have a platform which can be used for good. Instead of disrespecting our Flag and the National Anthem, you should be thankful that you live in this country, where the right to free speech exists, that anyone can peacefully express their opinions freely. Now do something positive with what this country has provided for you and stop whining like a little bitch.

Anthony Weiner…can’t keep his wiener in his pants. This guy is so full of himself, got busted AGAIN sexting with a 40+ year old divorcee. His Muslim sympathizing wife and top Hillary aide, Houma Abedin, has separated from him due to his repeat behavior. Guy was close to becoming the mayor of New York…but he got busted sexting AGAIN, and that saved the city from what would have been a very bad joke.

Politics & Organized Crime

Just saw a news blurb online announcing that Donald Trump, as a builder in New York and Atlantic City decades ago, sometimes dealt with people who had ties to organized crime. Big deal…the Kennedy family, to this day, gets revenue from every bottle of scotch sold in the United States. Our revered President John Kennedy was a great pal of Sam Giancana and I am sure many others. I suspect-though I do not KNOW for fact-that the Clintons have some ties to organized crime as well. There is too much money involved for crime NOT to be involved. The media is scraping the bottom of the barrel in desperation, trying to vilify Trump but it is NOT going to work. The real crook is a woman named Hillary.

“Loopholes for the Mullahs”

We are learning again that what the Obama administration says Iran can do under the nuclear agreement and what Iran is allowed to do, are almost never the same. The latest discrepancy was revealed Thursday in a report by David Albright and Andrea Stricker of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), a think tank in Washington DC that specializes in nuclear issues.

The agreement specifies that Iran is to limit its stockpile of reactor grade, low enriched uranium (LEU) to no more than 300 kilograms for 15 years… but as Mr. Albright and Ms. Stricker note, Iran’s “compliance” came about thanks to a series of secretive exemptions and loopholes that the administration and the deal’s other signatories created for the mullahs sometime last year…

Among the exemptions: Iran was allowed keep more than 300 kilos of LEU provided it was in various “waste forms”. The deal was also supposed to cap Iran’s production of heavy water at 130 tons, but another loophole now allows Iran to exceed that.

In a third exemption, Iran was allowed to maintain 19 large radiation containment chambers, or hot cells, which are supposed to be used for producing medical isotopes but can be “misused for secret, mostly small scale plutonium separation efforts.” The White House has waved off the Institute’s report by insisting “it did not and will not allow Iran to skirt its commitments.

This non-denial would be more credible if the Administration hadn’t last year agreed to a secretive process in which Iran was allowed to inspect its own nuclear-related military facilities….It would also be more credible if Iran weren’t testing ballistic missiles thanks to another nuclear side-deal. That one was supposed to ban such tests for eight years but contained a semantic loophole that Iran claims makes it unenforceable.

Iran was to be subject to a five year embargo on the purchase of major conventional weapons. Yet only last week it chose to deploy its newly acquired S-300 air defense system-purchased from Russia thanks to another UN loophole-to defend the Fordow underground nuclear facility. Throughout all this the Administration has gone to unusual lengths to keep its side deals secret. Congress was secretly informed of the exemptions in January but there was no public disclosure.

WSJ 9/2/16

Apparently they will do anything for the Obama legacy….

The Saga Continues

The bitch skates again…

Last Friday, just prior to the long Labor Day holiday weekend the supposedly non-partisan FBI released more incriminating documents involving Hillary in their investigation summary from the non-recorded and not under oath interview with Crooked Hillary, to wit:

After flatly proclaiming she used only one device, the FBI reports Mrs. Clinton used more than a dozen devices during her time as Secretary of State. (13 Black Berry’s as well as several IPad)
The FBI requested that those devices be turned over but attorneys for Clinton said they couldn’t be found. As a result, the FBI could not make a determination as to whether any of the devices were subject to compromise. Her attorney’s did turn over 3 IPad.

A technician took steps to delete an archive of her emails AFTER House lawmakers demanded they be saved.

The newly public information also shows that Mrs. Clinton was warned at the outset of her tenure, by former Secretary of State Colin Powell that her work-related emails messages could become subject to public release.

Just weeks later Mrs. Clinton would switch from using a commercial email service to a private email server controlled by her family.

The FBI report also said a technical staffer at a company helping maintain Clinton’s server told law enforcement that he had an “oh shit” moment when he realized he had forgotten to delete an archive of Clinton’s emails. That occurred AFTER the Republican led House Benghazi committee had ordered Clinton’s emails preserved in March 2015. Several of her Blackberrys were destroyed by staffers with a hammer. Does the bitch have anything to hide? I would say emphatically, YES!

The FBI said in the report that Clinton “stated she never deleted, nor did she instruct anyone to delete her emails to avoid complying with FOIA, State or FBI requests for information.”
Very slippery she is. Things get done, certainly by her orders, but not by her. She never did anything wrong. (according to her)

Much in the documents has been redacted.

In all, Clinton told FBI agents 27 times that she “could not recall” or “did not remember specifically” key details and events. This is a frigging joke. Typical response from a criminal under investigation. She may just as well have pleaded the Fifth Amendment. What a crook. If this were not such a sad state of affairs it would be laughable.

Mrs. Clinton also kept up a clandestine correspondence with her political Svengali and Clinton Foundation retainer Sidney Blumenthal, whose AOL account was hacked by the Romanian known as Guccifer in 2013. Though President Obama had barred Mr. Blumenthal from government, Mr. Blumenthal sent Mrs. Clinton at least 179 memos, some of which she then forwarded through the bureaucracy after having his name excised. Twenty four of these dispatches were so sensitive that State later classified them.

In other words, Clinton kept a man banned by her boss on the family foundation payroll, then used Mr. Blumenthal as an off the official books counselor whose memos she spread around State after disguising their provenance. She conned Mr. Obama too.

FBI documents suggest Clinton’s server was a deliberate effort to evade accountability; she was warned about the “official record” but went ahead anyway. How is it possible, with ALL that is known, that she is still a) able to run for the presidency and b) that she has not been indicted and sent to jail.

The above were copied from various editorials in last weekend’s WSJ. I am sure you can determine where I have inserted my view.

Have a great holiday weekend….I’m outta here…