Seventeen-month High Index in Consumer Confidence

A seventeen-month high, based on consumers’ assessment of current business and labor market conditions rose along with the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index in June.

Manufacturing Activity Remained Relatively Flat in June

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond released its Fifth District Survey of Manufacturing Activity and reports manufacturing activity remained relatively flat in June. The composite manufacturing index rose from -15 in May to -7 in June. Two of its three component indexes-shipments and new orders-also improved but remained below zero.

Back-to-Back Gains in Core Capital Goods Orders

Back-to-back gains in core capital goods orders and a third straight monthly increase in orders for durable goods more broadly points to a potential bottoming out in spending and upside for second quarter equipment spending. Wells Fargo

Real GDP increased at an annual rate of 2.0 percent in the first quarter of 2023, according to the third and “final” estimate.

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A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”

-Thomas Paine

It displeases me to write about the Biden crime family as we near our Independence Day celebration, but I feel compelled to do so. To know that we have crooks in charge of our government is a travesty of justice. The investigators have the goods on these people and the Department of Justice is running interference for them. How corrupt can you get? The attorney general is a damned liar and should also be hanged for violating his oath of office and the Constitution. Do you realize Garland stonewalled the IRS investigation into Hunter’s tax evasion until the statute of limitations ran out? The little bastard is now un-chargeable for those crimes, but he has committed more crimes and justice will be served eventually.

Bidenomics is the new word of the day as the president travels the country assuring people his frailty and lack of mental capacity is “wisdom” which is laughable. The economy is not in great shape at all, though he tells you it is great, we still have high inflation, there are plenty of jobs, but no one wants to work after years of government wealth transfers. They have created a class of dependents with no pride in self, no love of country, no love of family. Our education system is a mess, the military is a mess. The lies they are selling you about climate change are disgusting. Electric vehicles are another scam, to make them, not only do you need oil and gas, but the rape of the earth for lithium batteries is a sin, then you can’t get rid of the battery, but it will cost you a tidy sum to replace it.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court struck down Affirmative Action in college admissions procedures. It has been the law since 1961. Its basic goal was to eliminate discrimination by race by, guess what? Discriminating by race.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Ward Connelly, president of the American Civil rights Institute commented;

I strongly believe that the future of our country demands that we reject our endless pursuit of diversity and equity and claw our way back to our values and the vision embraced by Lincoln and JFK. Ending race-based affirmative action is an important first step in that mission.”

“Clawing back” to our values as a nation means merit should be the prime consideration. We want the best doctors, the best professors and teachers, the best military, the best politician, the best police and firemen. You don’t really want someone to give medical care, to educate, to legislate, or to protect us based on race, do you? No, we want and deserve the best people there are to fill all positions.

On Friday, the Supreme Court denied Biden’s executive order to spend $400 billion dollars to reduce student loans. This was purely a political play by the administration, they knew it wouldn’t fly, the idiot even said as much. The ploy worked and gained him many votes.





Have a great weekend…. God bless America!

Buy American made products whenever you can, it’s good for you, good for your friends and neighbors and good for our country.

If you are hiring…try to hire a veteran…. they are loyal, disciplined, hardworking…and they deserve our support.

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In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag…We have room for but one language here and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”